Outbound Marketing (Traditional Marketing)

Although Traditional marketing is not dead, it is facing a great deal of competition from the world of digital marketing. Integrating digital and traditional has been proven to reap more benefits than a one-dimensional approach.

Outbound Marketing, Consider the enormous impact of billboards, print ads, mailers, hoardings and television and radio commercials. These proven techniques have high success rates and are an effective way to reach a broad consumer base.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has been around for much longer than digital. Not only is it more trusted by consumers, but they are also more accustomed to it. Your customers reach expands way past online, and so should your advertising. From magazines and newspapers, to radio and TV, there are several effective facets of traditional marketing. In fact, television is still the number one media choice. Furthermore, traditional marketing can be extremely beneficial in boosting your bottom line. While younger generations might look for news and ads online, it’s clear they are not abandoning traditional media altogether.

As a full-service agency, We have a well-rounded team to create the right package of services for each client. From print, radio and television ads, media placement and creative design to branding and digital marketing, we adapt comprehensive marketing solutions to each scenario for strategic, cost-effective and concrete results.


A comprehensive marketing campaign has the ability to increase brand awareness and attract qualified customers.

What it include

We won’t know what you need until we get to know you. In the meantime, here are a few typical services we consider:

Corporate Events

Business Meets
Product Launching
Dealer Meets
Sales Meets
Marketing Team Meets


Direct Mail
Cold Calls
Radio/Tv Ad
News Paper
Door to door


Distributor Set up
Dealer Set up
Godown(Depo) Set up
Franchisee setup
Company Outlet Set up


indirect distribution

In today’s fast changing market place, it has been inevitable for every business house to optimize the growth rate considering the time, budget & resources available. To earn credibility for your business and loyalty of your client, effective marketing strategy is always in priority.

We know that you at your ground are trying your best to attain your goal orientation but mostly because of being busy in keeping pace with cut-throat competition, it becomes very tough to apply different marketing practices, to build marketing plans, distributor strategy, distributor policy, distributor/dealer appointment in gujarat or pan India.

We will help you with a very cost effective value for money solution.

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Percent companies rule out who is actively participating in their branding, Technology & marketing campaign.

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Percent companies has decreased in sales because of the non availability of distribution channels.

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Percent firm average decrease in firm visibility because of a non performing marketing team.

We are happy to discuss a way out with the comprehensive solution for creating presence and strong distribution channel with our dedicated sales force.

Prepare to propel your distribution to new heights

With more than a decade of high-growth research and successes behind us, Getz has developed practical, reliable programs to transform almost any type of industry into a high-performing standout.

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Tailored to the marketing Combo

Integrating digital and traditional marketing techniques.

Integrating both digital and traditional marketing has been proven to reap more benefits than a one-dimensional approach.

Although some requirements, It can be implemented to obtain the best results possible. The marketing efforts are different. Complex sales can take weeks, months, even years to close. Building market awareness of your firm – and then establishing trust – takes a carefully calibrated set of tools and techniques.

That’s why we’ve researched industries to discover which online techniques deliver the best results (and which are a waste of time). We’ve also studied many buyers to determine what online tools they use to find for their requirement.


Why Getz?

Getz brings you industry specific original research, a deep focus and scientific approach to marketing requirements. When it comes to marketing solution for manufacturers, we have the comprehensive solution with an integration of traditional and digital marketing.

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